What is a kot?

In Belgium, a student room is called a kot.

Originally meaning a small room in Dutch, the word became used in Belgium for broom cupboards, and nowadays is used to refer to student rooms.

A student who lives in a kot is called un kotteur.

The Types of Kots

Classic Kot / Student Room

The classic Belgian student room : a bedroom, a desk and the kot atmosphere ! Kitchen and/or bathroom may be private or shared. Typically found in buildings of 5 to 20 kots.

Studio Flat

Generally more spacious, offering a completely private space with toilet, bathroom and kitchen facilities.

Room at the owner's house

These places tend to be quieter. The owner might ask you to agree to extra house rules. Some good deals can be found.

shared living

In Brussels you can also find shared flats or houses to share between students.

Residence / Dorms

University residences are usually reasonably priced and hard to get into. Private residences, often on the more expensive side, offer more services.