Student Housing Types

4. Shared Living

If you are a fan of Friends, How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory, you know what we are talking about : you move in a house or appartment with friends or complete strangers, handpicked from a rigourous selection process !

une colocation


  • You will never be alone : If you choose to share your living place with 2, 4, or 6 flatmates you will have the assurance to find a lively place when coming back home every evening. When you want to go to a movie or talk about your day, you'll always have someone on hand !
  • Good for your social life : Get ready. If you survive, you'll have tons of anecdotes for many years to come.
  • Good for your budget : While a kot can be as cheap as a shared housing (it really depends on the comfort level and how many people you share it with), both options are amongst the easiest on your wallet. In a shared housing, you can save even more by sharing meal expenses, houseware, etc. Having shared meals is definitely one of the most efficient and fun way to save money.


  • Your ex-best friend : Let's be honest, sometimes living with your best friend can be a bad idea. There is a college student wisdom that warns "Never share a room with your best friend" !
  • Community Living : Washing the dishes, sharing fridge space, cleaning up, sharing the bills, ... Keeping everyone happy in a shared housing requires a good mix of communication and respect.
  • Watch out for Finals : Between all the distractions of living with flatmates, it can be easy to forget to study.