Student Housing Types

5. Residence

Last but not least : the Residence Halls. Except in Louvain-La-Neuve, private residences have not been very present in Belgium until recently, but it's changing quickly.

chambre en résidence


  • Students Everywhere : In a dorm, you'll be surrounded by fellow students. It can bring you a sense of security, and it's just more fun. Also, when final exams knock on the door, seeing your friends in the study room will give you much needed strength and courage !
  • Services : Most residence halls offer extra services to make your life easier: washing machines, study room, TV room, game room, sometimes a small gym ...


  • Price : Even more so than a studio, living in a residence can be expensive. You can lower the bill by sharing a twin room, but that exposes you to the next point ...
  • Privacy : To make your residence stay easier on your (or your parents) budget, you can choose to share a room with a roommate, as students often do in the US, for example. But ask your american friends, they'll tell you it's playing roommate roulette. You might get yourself a great new friend, or a mortal ennemy. In both cases, sharing a room means you won't have much privacy.