Student Housing Types

1. Kot / Student Room

A kot is a classic student room comprising a bed, a few pieces of furniture and a desk. You might get a small private kitchen or a bigger shared one, and the same goes for the bathroom.


  • Price : The price for a kot can go as low as 250 € and as high as 500€. Overall, it's one of the most reasonnably priced types of housing.
  • Student Life : Kots are usually located in student areas, close to the pizza joints and your other friends staying nearby. They are grouped in student buildings, typically hosting 8 to 20 kots, forming a small student community. Sharing the kitchen with your hallway neighbours, which will range from the friendliest to the weirdest, will bring you tons of crusty stories to share in parties.
  • Privacy and Community - the best of both worlds : In a kot, you get a room for yourself with enough space to stay in, chill or study. For example, you might be able to study more conveniently than in a shared appartment or a shared residence room. And, at the same time, if you want to order a pizza, your hallway neighbours will not be very far.


  • Not always Luxurious : Between the cheaper kots and the higher end ones, the price varies a lot, and with it, the level of comfort you are going to find. If you go the cheap route, you might discover a room that looks like it was intended for a 16th Century Buddhist monk. Take it as a challenge and bring this place to life with your personal touch !