Student Housing Types

2. Studio Flat

The Studio Flat is the upgraded version of the kot. In a studio, you get everything private. Your bathroom. Your kitchen. Paradise !

un studio


  • Freedom : In a studio, you can live as you please without worrying about flatmates or hallway neighbours. You can do your dishes once a week, invite your friends for the after party at 3am, and walk around in your pijamas all day. You are the King of this 28 sq meter kingdom !
  • Tranquility : Unlike in a shared appartment, you will have all the tranquility you want, or need, especially for those times when studying becomes a necessity.


  • Price : You can find unexpensive studios, but those will probably feel more like kots, just with private amenities. Typically, for a comfortable studio, you'll end up paying between 350 and 600€.
  • Responsabilities : You'll be the only one responsible for keeping this room, bathroom and kitchen ... liveable ! Don't forget to tidy up once in a while so you don't end up living in a cave.