Shared housing 14 m²

Avenue Télémaque
BK 17248
BK 17248 shared housing

Altitude 100, located Avenue Telemaque 52 1090 Forest, is a house of 21 rooms. Some have a private bathroom and toilet and some share it. The common area include a kitchen (in which each tenant has a private cabinet with fridge) a tv room, a dining room, a playroom, a courtyard with barbecue and a bike garage.

Room type 4 761€/month all bills included (+-20sqm) are on the backyard side. The bathroom + toilet is private, there is a balcony.

Practicalities, we always ask a deposit of two months rent. Move in and out walk throughs each cost 35€. For contracts of 6 months or less, there is a onetime fee of 150€ to be paid with the first rent. Contracts start on the 1st and 16th of each month and are bimonthly, meaning that each fortnight started is due. Domiciliation is allowed.

This listing is currently not available.

Poster decision or end of validity