BK 10660   UpRoom Jet Upkot Rue Dupré 94, 1090 Jette Brussels center

482 € charges included

5 spots available
  • Published 9 months ago
  • Active 3 days ago
  • Available 15 Dec

As the Climate and Ecological Crisis grows more urgent every day, we invite you to get informed and act at your level.

2 or 3 degrees does not seem like much.

After all, we already have 10 degree variations from week to week, and we are usually happy with a few extra degrees.

We, at Brukot, used to think along those lines, not too long ago.

Boy were we wrong !

Instead, imagine that your body temperature goes up from 37°C to 40°C.

Then 41°C ...

What is at stake here is a world in a chronic state of high fever.

And it won't be only for others.

IPCC tells us that above 2 degrees, global food security is threatened.

IPCC also warns us that above 2 degrees, tipping points become a higher threat. And that they have the potential to make global warming uncontrollable.

Then there is the 6th mass extinction (due to human expansion/habitat destruction and pollution/industrial practices), which is likely to have already begun and threatens 10% of species in the short run.

The international community and national governments are starting to take measures, but these measures are vastly insufficient.

There is too much inertia, too much diverging interests, and not enough real awareness.

We invite you to digg further and join us in this battle !

They are many ways to act.

You should chose what feels right for you.

Here are a few ideas.

Getting Informed

Getting Involved

  • Talk about it with friends
  • Join organisations like Students for Climate or Extinction Rebellion
  • Consider making changes in your everyday habits : consume less unnecessary stuff, eat less meat, stream at lower resolutions (same global impact as aviation)
  • Participate in Climate Marches, Fridays for Future
  • Spread the word

The world is rising, join them !

BK 10660 student room BK 10660 student room BK 10660 student room BK 10660 student room BK 10660 student room BK 10660 student room BK 10660 student room

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  • Published 9 months ago
  • Active 3 days ago
  • Available 15 Dec


Rent without charges 407 €
Charges 75 €
Rent charges included 482 €
Comment Charges fixes
Deposit 814 €


Availability 15 December
Lease duration 5-6 months

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BRAND NEW! 143 furnished, trendy and awesome student rooms next to the station within a stone’s throw of campus VUB (Jette) and High School Francisco Ferrer. Discover our different types of rooms (go solo, go duo or go triple), unique general experience and insane living/chillrooms. Or what do you think of a studentcoach, laundry room, common garden,…?

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Housing type UpRoom
Spots available in the building 5
Address Rue Dupré 94, 1090 Jette


Furniture furnished
Floor 2
Surface 14 m2
Private rooms 1
Shared rooms 7
Bathroom shared bathroom
Kitchen shared kitchen
Heating central heating
Equipment patio, garden, equipped kitchen, dishwasher, washing machine, bike friendly, shower, bathtub

Other infos

Atmosphere studious, warm, calm, community
Condition new
Domiciliation no
Access for disabled yes
Smoking non-smoking
Internet yes
Pets no